Burn It All Down

The Feminist Sports Podcast You Need


Hosted by :

  • Brenda Elsey, Associate Professor of History at Hofstra in New York
  • Jessica Luther, freelance sportswriter and author in Austin, Texas
  • Shireen Ahmed, freelance writer and sports activist in Toronto
  • Lindsay Gibbs, sports reporter at ThinkProgress in Washington, DC
  • Amira Rose Davis, Assistant Professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University

Each week, we bring an intersectional feminist view to the biggest stories in sports, toss the most abominable people in athletics on the proverbial Burn Pile, celebrate some of the most badass women, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people in sports, and interview some of the most influential figures in the game.

“Not only can this diverse group of friends be counted on to bring an intersectional eye to everything they discuss, they’re also on the ball when it comes to basic coverage, as well.” – Shondaland

“This podcast is a who’s who of amazing women sports writers.” – Bitch Magazine (No. 77, Winter 2018 issue)

“It is fantastic to finally have a show that…understands that not all sports fans live in man-caves in their basement.” – Rewire

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Recent Episodes


Episode 33: Sexual harassment in sports media, and the Washington Redhawks; Ana Marie Cox co-hosts

On this week’s episode, Brenda Elsey and Lindsay Gibbs are joined by special guest co-host Ana Marie Cox (host of the Crooked Media podcast, “With Friends Like These”) to discuss the horrific sexual harassment allegations against employees at ESPN and the NFL Network. Then they talk about their personal connection to sports, and how they hold onto their love for these games despite all of the problems.

Lindsay follows that up by interviewing Rebecca Nagle, citizen of Cherokee Nation and one of the creators of the Washington RedHawks campaign that went viral last week.

As always, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, Bad Ass Woman of the Week, and what’s good in our worlds.


Episode 32: Doping and the Olympics, Governance in Soccer, and Volleyball legend Sylvia Ortiz

On this week’s episode, Brenda Elsey, Shireen Ahmed, Amira Rose Davis, Lindsay Gibbs, and Jessica Luther talk about the Russian Olympic Committee being suspended from the 2018 Winter Olympics for systemic doping in previous Games, why a Jonas brother showed up to the FIFA trial, and Hope Solo’s bid for president of US Soccer.

Then Amira interviews volleyball legend, Sylvia Ortiz, about being politically active as a college athlete in the 1970s, her years of playing and coaching in the sport, and how the sport has changed in the last few decades.

As always, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, Bad Ass Woman of the Week, and what’s good in our worlds.


Episode 31: The Women Who Brought Down Larry Nassar (Trigger Warning)

**Trigger Warning** This week on Burn It All Down, we open the show with Lindsay Gibbs interviewing Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly come forward with allegations against Larry Nassar, and award-winning investigative reporter for the Indianapolis Star who has covered the Nassar case, Marisa Kwiatkowski. The interview has graphic descriptions of sexual assault against minors; if you’d like to skip ahead, the interview ends at 28:17.

Since Kwiatkowski and her colleagues’ initial reporting about abuse in USA gymnastics in August 2016 (www.indystar.com/story/news/inves…oaches/85829732/) and Denhollander’s first telling her story publicly in September 2016 (www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/…-abuse/89995734/), at least 150 people have come forward with allegations against Nassar, a former USA gymnastics team physician during four Olympics and a faculty member for twenty years at Michigan State. He has recently pleaded guilty on multiple counts of sexual assault.

After the interview, Lindsay is joined by Amira Rose Davis, Brenda Elsey, and Jessica Luther, who discuss their reactions to the interview.

Then they shift gears and talk about the debacle that has been the search for a new head football coach at Tennessee and the underbelly of the sport revealed by the annual coaching carousel in college football.

As always, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, Bad Ass Woman of the Week, and what’s good in our worlds.